Small Groups

Burlington has around 15 small groups meeting regularly across Ipswich and surrounding area.

The New Testament repeatedly demonstrates and inspires the Church not only to meet together, but also to live in authentic community with one another. Our relationships need to go beyond acquaintances, to become deep, accountable, supportive, challenging, comforting and helpful.

At Burlington, small groups are the lifeblood of the Church. They aim to provide an environment of deepening relationships and the opportunity to care for one another. We see small groups as an essential part of the Burlington family. Your small group should be a place where you will grow in your Christian faith, with love and encouragement from friends around. 

At Burlington we believe it is important that small groups are not just for the adults ! We have small groups for young people too.  See the eternity youth page to find out about Emerge small groups for 11-18 year olds.
Our small groups meet right across Ipswich.