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Jesus #nofilter

Jesus changed the world.  Undisputed. 2,000 years on we are still talking about him and more people than ever are following him.  But who is he?  Do I understand him?  Or has my view been obscured by layers of tradition, human opinion and popular thought?

Mark wrote the first account of the life of Jesus.  It’s simple, straightforward and succinct. It carries eye witness testimony.  It’s as close to Jesus as we can get. #nofilter

Week by week we’ll join the action and look for ourselves.

Podcasts and slides will be posted here when they are available.

This series will take us right through Easter 2018.

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The Heart of Reformation

Teaching Series – November 2017

The Heart of Reformation


The great Christian revolutions came not by the discovery of something that was not known before. They happen when someone takes radically something that was always there.   H. Richard Niebuhr

This is no more true than The Reformation itself. As we celebrate 500 years of this tumultuous time for the church, and the world, what rediscoveries demand a radical response from us?

Sundays 10am

  • 19th Nov:  How indulgent were indulgences?
  • 26th Nov:  “I’ll look for myself, thank you,”
  • 3rd  Dec:   A lot more priests than we thought
  • 10th  Dec:  Courage to change

Series podcasts

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The Disciple’s Toolkit

Teaching series: June & July 2017

The-Disciple's-toolkit_1000_draft_0.1We are disciples.  We know that.  But are we disciple-makers?  Well, yes we are.  We cannot be a true disciple without being a disciple-maker.

Discipleship involves discipling.

But how?

The Disciples ToolkitIt’s too easy to concentrate on our own personal discipleship whilst ignoring the discipling-others part entirely, or to pass the buck and hope that “The Church” will do that once we’ve made the introductions.

But what if the disciple-making part was the most vibrant, life-giving and dynamic aspect of discipleship? What if in discipling others we ourselves grow best? Then where would we start?

We start with Jesus.  Learning from him, we begin to fill our toolkit with disciple-making tools.


Full series details and podcasts (when available)


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Open the Floodgates

Teaching series – May 2017

OTF Welcome

This three part teaching is based on a promise. God’s promise. It’s the only place in the Bible where we are invited to test him.

The test is not based on the length of our prayers, the number of worship songs we can sing or the number of Bible verses we have memorised. Surprisingly it’s about money – yours and mine – and how we handle it.

And then the promise:

“Test me in this,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Malachi 3:10

As part of this series we will have a Gift Day on Sunday 21st May 2017 and a 24/7 Prayer Room from 18th May 2017.  I explain more here:

Sign up for the prayer room

Gift Day Response Form

More information and podcasts (when available)

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FORM Internship 2017-18

A year to grow in leadership, discipleship & mission 

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 15.56.45Form is our burlington internship programme.  It is rooted in a culture of leadership, discipleship and mission. Being a disciple is about following Jesus and becoming more like him. Jesus invites us into his story to imitate him and live life along side him. Form is about that story, imitating Jesus wherever he has called you to be and learning how to draw other people into his story too.

It is not for the faint-hearted, it is an intense year but a year where God will bring transformation in every part of your life.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 22.10.28The internship will be a balance of stepping out in leadership, being discipledFORM_logo_250 as part of a team of leaders and seeing transformation in you and others in the area where you choose to serve. We are excited to be able offer internships in many areas of Church life including youth and children’s ministry, missional communities, creative worship, administration, AV, graphic & design, social media  or working with other key ministry staff including
our ministers

Find more details here

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Who do you think you are?

Teaching series – Spring 2017

Who do you think you are?

Who am I?
It’s a question we are all asking.
Our identity matters.

Often our identity can trouble or confuse us. It can leave us anxious or even afraid. Easily we become prey to marketeers who promise with each brand so much more than the product.

Yet our true identity can liberate us, catapulting us forward into becoming our true selves.

So join us week by week as we ask: Who do you think you are?

Starts Sunday 19th February 2017
Full series details and podcasts (when available)


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Emma’s Charity Curry Night

Emma writes …

I would like to invite you to a Charity Curry Night on Monday 20th February at 7.30pm.

Our favourite family Indian restaurant in Ipswich, The Maharani  has kindly agreed to help to support me in joining a team travelling to South Africa to work amongst orphaned children in LIV Village.


LIV Village  is a fantastic response to the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, mostly due to AIDS/HIV.

“We place orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment where they will receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing.”

I am so excited to have the opportunity to travel with Soul Survivor to support all that LIV Village are doing. We will be helping out practically with life on the village as well as helping out with a few building projects outside of the village, this will involve building houses and other practical tasks to support the charities working in Durban.


Please join me for an evening of good conversation and great food. Come yourself, or bring a few friends and share a table and know that every meal will help make a difference. The restaurant will give 50% of the menu price towards our support (thank you Manik so much).

The Details

Cost: £18 per head. This gives us a selection of starters and main courses, a variety of rice, naan and side dishes and coffee with mints. Other drinks are not included.
Location: The Maharani Indian Cuisine, 46 Norwich Road, Ipswich IP1 2NJ
Date & Time: Monday 20th February 2017, 7.30pm
RSVP’ing is essential. I need to know that you are coming by Thursday 16th February 2017. Please let me know that you are coming or contact me direct on Emma’s Facebook or Emma’s twitter or Emma’s email.

I’m looking forward to a great evening and the knowledge that it makes a difference.

See you there!

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Autumn teaching series 2016

Influencer V1-01Jesus calls us to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’, to become a Godly influence wherever he has placed us.

Joseph was a ‘nobody,’ the youngest son in a large family living way out in the country. Yet God chose him to become a man of great influence and consequently, as the Bible says, “many were saved.”

Joseph’s calling is our calling. His story is ours. Whoever we are, and wherever God has placed us our destiny is to become people of great influence and Joseph’s journey is our road map.

Full details & podcasts

Begins:  Sunday 4th September 2016


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Vital Signs

Summer 2016, teaching series

Beginning Sunday 8th May 2016

Vital Signs

How alive are you? 

How alive are those you are discipling? 

How alive is your small group or missional community?

Jesus himself often used biological life to help us understand his kingdom life. He talked of farmers sowing, of seeds planted and vineyards pruned. He also described a community of his followers as a body. All biological metaphors. In other words the way things live and grow in the physical world helps us understand how things should live and grow in his kingdom.

There are 7 signs of life. You may remember them from biology (or perhaps not!). In this series we will look at each of these Vital Signs to help us explore our own vitality,  and that of the communities we are building

Podcasts and slides will be posted here when they are available.

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Job Opportunity: We are seeking an Operations Manger

Church centre WelcomeBurlington Baptist Church is seeking a full-time Operations Manager

Who we are

Burlington ( is a lively growing community with 240 members. Our buildings are located just off the town centre of Ipswich and people from across the town, and beyond, are a part of our community. Over the last 5 years we have been developing our vision of missional living: of being both a gathered and scattered community as we have launched a number of missional communities.

What we are looking for 

At this exciting time of opportunity and challenge, we are seeking a dynamic team player to work alongside our senior minister in our leadership team, coordinating and developing our administrative, communication and property operations.  This will involve the leadership and support of both paid staff and volunteers.

This is a great opportunity for someone with management skills to take on
a high level of responsibility within a local church committed to mission.

The successful candidate will demonstrate a vibrant personal relationship
with Jesus Christ and be passionately committed to the missional vision of

More information

Closing date for applications: Sunday 5th June 2016

Selection process:  Saturday 18th June 2016

For further information and an application pack, please contact Mrs. Katie Faux, PA to Senior Minister:

– Tel: 07527 747 828

– Email:

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