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Teaching Series for Christmas 2018

Jesus No FilterJesus changed the world. Undisputed. 2,000 years on we are still talking about him and more people than ever are following him. But who is he? Do I understand him? Or has my view been obscured by layers of tradition, human opinion and popular thought? Starlight


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5 Graces of Jesus

5 Graces of Jesus - The Five Graces of Jesus is based on the verses in Ephesians 4:7-13. Each person in the Body of Christ is one of the 5, and that we need all 5 to make up the whole. A bit like a personality test, we all have a particular strength. Each of us has one. (Autumn 2018)

Jesus No Filter

Jesus No Filter - Mark wrote the first account of the life of Jesus. It’s simple, straightforward and succinct. It carries eye witness testimony. It’s as close to Jesus as we can get. (Spring/Summer 2018)

Daniel fast 2018

Daniel fast 2018 - Burlington joined with many from ICC to fast, pray and worship through the first three weeks of the year. (January 2018)

Joy to the World

Joy to the World - “It’s good news that will bring great joy to all the world.” This year at Burlington, all sorts of people have discovered for themselves the joy that Jesus brings. (Christmas 2017)

The Heart of Reformation

The Heart of Reformation - "The great Christian revolutions came not by the discovery of something that was not known before. They happen when someone takes radically something that was always there". H. Richard Niebuhr. This is no more true than The Reformation itself. As we celebrate 500 years of this tumultuous time for the church, and the world, what rediscoveries demand a radical response from us?. (Autumn/Winter 2017)

The Disciples Toolkit

The Disciples Toolkit - We are disciples. We know that. But are we disciple-makers? Well, yes we are! We cannot be a true disciple without being a disciple-maker.
Discipleship involves discipling - But how?. (Summer 2017)

Who Do You Think You Are?

Open The Floodgates - This three part teaching is based on a promise. God’s promise. It’s the only place in the Bible where we are invited to test him. The test is not based on the length of our prayers, the number of worship songs we can sing or the number of Bible verses we have memorised. Surprisingly it’s about money - yours and mine - and how we handle it. (Spring 2017)

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? - Who am I? It’s a question we are all asking. Our identity matters.
Often our identity can trouble or confuse us. It can leave us anxious or even afraid. Easily we become prey to marketeers who promise with each brand so much more than the product (Spring & Easter 2017)

A Well Good Christmas

A Well Good Christmas - With so much bad news, it can be hard to believe in any good news. As the Christmas adverts bombard us with subtle messages about how things can be better, it’s easy to be cynical, doubtful - same old, same old. Good news? I shouldn’t think so! (Christmas 2016)


Influencer - Jesus calls us to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’, to become a Godly influence wherever he has placed us. Joseph’s calling is our calling. His story is ours. Whoever we are, and wherever God has placed us our destiny is to become people of great influence and Joseph’s journey is our road map. (Autumn 2016)

Vital Signs

Vital Signs - There are 7 signs of life. You may remember them from biology (or perhaps not!). In this series we will look at each of these Vital Signs to help us explore our own vitality,  and that of the communities we are building. (Late Spring 2016)

Forgotten Sayings

Forgotten Sayings - The run up to Easter is traditionally a time for self examination. It’s a time to slow down, refocus and examine our hearts. This 40 day period called Lent recalls the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for his ministry. We will let the words of Jesus be our guide. (Early Spring 2016)

Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast - The Daniel Fast is a spiritual discipline where followers of Jesus Christ can draw nearer to God and focus more of their attention on Him and His ways. In today’s busy and distracting culture, entering into the fasting experience is like pushing the pause button in a hectic life and centering more on the rest that Jesus offers. (New Year 2016)

It's a Boy!

It's a Boy! - Babies are born everyday and family and friends expectantly await news of the new arrival. The conversations that follow centre around a few key questions: - Is it a boy or a girl? What names have you given him/her? How much did he/she weigh?

So what if we asked those same questions about the baby from Bethlehem? Who would we ask and how would they answer? (Christmas 2015)

Walking With Lions

Walking With Lions - There's a reason lions are called  ‘King of the Beasts’:  they rule by their great power and strength.
Daniel lived at a time when great powers ruled the earth. They were fierce and domineering and dealt severely with anything in their way.  Yet Daniel not only survived, he thrived!  He knew the secret of walking with lions. (Autumn 2015)

The Agenda

The Agenda - The guys closest to Jesus could see he was different, very different. He had rhythm, purpose, an agenda. They saw how his whole life was a prayer, a never ending synergy between father and child. And they asked him, “Teach us that life-prayer.” And he did. (Summer 2015)

Nailed It

Nailed It! - I guess that sums it up. Conquered. Won. Completed. Triumphed. Succeeded. The resurrection of Jesus nailed it!
Is he truly the Son of God? Does his death have meaning for anyone else? Is there only one true way? Is my life bigger than the sum of my years? (Easter 2015)

God Provides

God Provides - In February 2008 we opened the Church Centre, transforming our buildings into a bustling and vibrant place where our community gathers 7 days a week. We are re-telling the story of God’s miraculous provision of the church centre, giving all of us an opportunity to invest or re-invest in the buildings that bless us so much, think about our giving in the light of God’s provision. (Spring 2015)


Seeds - There are 4 seeds that we need to plant as a community in order to get a harvest. Learning to …
Listen, Lean, Live and Love (Winter 2015)


Christmas Lyrics Christmas Lyrics - Love or hate them, they are everywhere at Christmas and are part of modern day Christmas. But there are long lasting, centuries old lyrics that speak into the same longings as the words of the songs that fill our shops. Why do these age-old lyrics offer such hope? Why are they still sung each year? Do they have something to say to us now? (Christmas 2014)

Rise Up! - It’s a dark time. Persecution is relentless. Demonic forces are rampaging. A nation is losing its faith. This series will journey through the life of Elijah and Elisha. Their time is our time. Their calling, our calling. It’s time to rise up! (Autumn 2014)


Healing Healing - Sometimes it is overwhelming. It seems that everywhere we look people are exhausted at just coping with whatever afflicts them. Is this the life to which we are called? We know that God is raising up an army. We want to be in it.. (Summer 2014)
Faith That Works

Faith That Works - Being a Christian is not simply believing certain things.  It's about living with Jesus. It's about living for Jesus. Not a set of beliefs, but a way of life. That's the point James makes. (New Year to Easter 2014)

The Wonder - Whilst those childhood days of amazement, excitement and moments of wide-eyed wonder are long gone; discover a richer, deeper and more lasting wonder that awaits us as we fling wide the doors on the Christmas story. (Christmas 2013)

Sovereign - is an invitation to join Ezekiel and God's people on their journey and discover with them that God really is sovereign over all.
(Autumn 2013)

Inside Out - Jesus seems to turn everything inside out. Will we let Jesus turn us inside out? And what would happen if he did?
(April to July 2013)

The Cross - Something incredible happened at the cross, but what exactly? What difference does it make to me? Why should I care?.
(March 2013)

Love Exposed - In Love Exposed we turned the spotlight on love - real, passionate, uncompromising love - as we study the life that exposed the truth about love itself.
(January to February 2012)

The Unexpected - Most of life is made up of the familiar. We have plans and routines and usually things turn out the way we expect. Then, suddenly, often without warning, something totally unexpected happens.
(Christmas 2012)


iRelate - It’s not what we are, or where we’ve been or even what we’ve done that brings life. It’s knowing Him, and out of that knowing Him we are to know others. We were made in His image to relate. Firstly to Him, and then to everyone else. The life He gives, we share. It’s all relationship. 
(Autumn 2012)

Building Community - In the New Testament we find so many pictures for the church. We are also introduced early in the book of Acts to the believers becoming a vibrant, active, prayerful, worship-filled community who not only loved Jesus but watched each other’s backs.
(Summer 2012)

Live it! - Paul's letter to Ephesians, placed in the heart of the New Testament for us as a call to Live it! in our day and where we are. It’s our invitation to become part of a missional movement of our own.
(May to July 2012)


Heaven & Hell - Now is but for a moment; eternity awaits...but what is it and what will it be like? If I believe in heaven, do I have to believe in hell?  And of course, who goes where?
In this mini-series Simon will explore what the Bible teaches us to expect.
(April 2012)

Following Jesus - When Jesus called his first disciples to follow him they knew exactly what he meant. He was calling them to learn all that he taught in order that they might do all that he did and so become all that he was. That’s what it meant to follow. And that’s the discipleship to which we too are called.
(December 2011 - April 2012)

  The Story - Throughout 2011 we are looking at the whole Bible; the amazing story of God at work in his world - and discovering that Jesus is present throughout the whole of the Old Testiment as well as the New.
(January - November 2011)

Preface...The Story - Getting ready for "The Story" and learning together to hear God speak to us from His Word, the Bible.
(Christmas 2010)


Global Gospel - What does it mean to live like Gospel people in our homes, our communities and in this world? 
(August to November 2010)
Prayer - As our days are punctuated by food, Jesus days was punctuated by time with his Father...No wonder the only thing recorded in the Bible that the disciples ever asked Jesus was: Lord teach us to pray.
(January to July 2010)
  Challenge Christmas - At the first Christmas God handed out several challenge cards to the human players in the story: Mary, a teenage peasant girl; Joseph, an apprentice carpenter; some country boys watching sheep; a few city slickers from abroad; and a tyrant king called Herod. At first glance these challenges seemed dafter than Top Gear’s. They were certainly more demanding and dangerous for all of them.
(Christmas 2009)
  Believe it! - Beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation this series explores the big truths about God that the Bible presents. In exploring what they are, and seeing how they all fit together, we can shake off any illusions, misunderstandings and errors concerning the way we have thought about God, our lives and his world.
(Autumn 2009) 
  Will Revival Come? - There had been a great and mighty move of God but now almost all that was left was a distant memory. Could God do it again? Would God do it again? Or were those glory days over? Find out Malachi the Old Testament prophet’s answer.
(Summer 2009)
One Month to Live - How exactly would you spend your last month?
(Summer 2009)
High Impact Church - The amazing story that begins with a group of bewildered followers who started to pray. Within ten days, thousands, literally thousands, are coming to faith – over a hundred each day. Could we live as radically at the early church did? Could we see people coming to faith in great numbers? Do we believe that God can do in us what He did with those first disciples? Could we too be a High Impact Church?
(New Year 2009)
  Christmas Presence - the presence of Jesus that is life changing and everlasting is often overlooked at Christmas, at the very time of year when he ought to be in the forefront of our minds.
(Christmas 2008)
Heaven's Ten - Thirty centuries ago, God gave us ten simple phrases, totalling little more than three hundred words in English, God gave us the secret of “living well.” Whilst so much has changed since then, the secret to living hasn’t. Discover that this ancient code has as much as ever to say to our longings for life and prosperity.
(Autumn 2008)
  Just Jesus - Are we in danger of making Jesus become more like us? Have we created Jesus in our image: safe, middle-of-the-road, comfortable? His authorised biographies tell a very different story, they speak of Jesus as passionate, confrontational, exclusive, even extreme.
(April to July 2008)

40 Days of Community - following on from 40 Days of Purpose, what on earth are WE here for?
(Spring 2008)

  Your Story, My Story, His Story - For many the real story of their lives is marked by disappointment, fear and a general confusion about what life is really all about. In contrast, God’s story is one of love for this hurting, broken world, a story of his coming to rescue us, to bring us hope for now and the future. How then do we help people discover God’s story? The answer: our story.
(New Year 2008)
  ChRISKmas - the Christmas risk - God took an incredible risk in leaving heaven to come to earth. It was His great risk that caused those caught up in the story to take risks of their own in order to get involved in what God was doing. It’s that same risk – The Christmas risk – that we too are called to make. To leave the comfort of our “heaven” and get involved with what God’s doing in the world today.
(Christmas 2007)
  Freedom in Christ - So often in our Christian lives we can feel anything but free. This is a series for all who long to rid themselves of every tie and chain that holds them back from becoming all God wants them to be. It’s for all who long to be free to make a difference in God’s world.
(Autumn 2007)
The Shepherd's Detox - People pay a fortune to spend a few days away at an exclusive spa resort where a body detox is an essential part of the treatment offered. But what about a detox for the soul? This is exactly what Psalm 23 offers us.
(Summer 2007)
Jesus, Last Meal, Final Words - In the last hours Jesus spends with his disciples, he shares with them his heart. As they eat together their final meal, he unpacks those things that matter most.
(Lent 2007)
Steps to what God wants - A sermon series taking a fresh look at our church vision - The Steps - that keeps us focussed around our two primary aims of: Mission - helping people to know Jesus, and Maturity - helping people to know Jesus better.
(New Year 2007)
Cracking Christmas - Pushing aside tradition and let the truth shine as brightly as that Bethlehem star. This truth, which is far more engaging than any tradition, is life-changing and, literally, world transforming. Have you cracked it? Have you discovered the truth from the tradition?
(Christmas 2006)
Joshua - into God's promise - Travel with the People of God as they leave behind a life of wandering in the desert to enter into the fullness of God’s promise.
(Autumn 2006)
The Truth About... - Revisit some of the fundamental truths of our faith and show how they impact our lives both now and in the future.
(Summer 2006)
   40 Days of Purpose - Discovering what on earth am I here for
(February to April 2006)