Baptisms - December 2011

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Misha Dewes' Story...

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Nick Shane's Story...

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Baptisms - September 2011

Sam Pepper's Story...

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Naomi Hill's Story...

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Baptisms - March 2011

Stuart Reavel's Story...

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Conor Moore's Story...

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Baptisms - May 2010

Joanna Barrington's Story...

I’ve been coming to church ever since I can remember, so God has always felt very real to me. I have always found it easy to talk to God, as I have done this from a very early age. I became a Christian when I was about 6, by praying with my mum, and, although, at this time, I knew what it meant to be a Christian, I wasn’t sure how to apply this to my life yet.
When I was about 10, our family moved from our old church, Rushmere Christian Fellowship, to Burlington. This is great, and I feel really at home here. I have also built up some really awesome friendships here, friends who have really encouraged and helped me with my faith, so I’d like to say thanks to the Harrises, the Ruffles, the Earls and Carrie for really being with me through my walk with God so far.
Moving to Burlington really helped me put my friendship with God into context. The kids and youth stuff going on here is amazing, particularly the youth weekends at Vauxhall farm. It was at one of these that really made me want to get baptised. We were watching a film about Jesus’ life, and his death and, while watching this, the Holy Spirit touched me in an amazing way. I felt so loved and wanted by God that I started crying with the awesomeness of it all. It was then that I knew that I really understood what it me for Jesus to die on the cross for me, rather than for everyone else on this earth.
In January 2009 I made the decision to get baptised. I talked with my mum and prayed about it, and it seemed so right. I told Simon and Ceri and they were really pleased. I also told Emma soon after, and she really surprised me by saying she had also made that decision! We were both really pleased and we knew it was right for us to be baptised together. This was great because I was quite nervous about it, and having one of my best friends getting baptised at the same time was something that can only be described as a God thing!
Today, I am standing here, ready to be baptised to show everyone that I am going to live the rest of my life for the Awesomeist God ever!

Emma Harris' Story...

I’ve been attending Burlington for as long as I can remember and my faith has been growing all my life. When I was about 5 I decided to become a Christian and discover God for myself and have a personal relationship with him. Since then I have been learning more and more, going to Gatherings and Emerge and reading the Bible.

When I was young I was very ill and it’s a miracle from God that I am alive, so I’ve always known that being here isn’t a mistake - it’s all God’s plan, and I want to live God’s plan, not mine. God has helped me overcome so many hard times in my life and I can’t thank Him enough.

I went to a Christian primary school and grew up in a Christian community, so that’s really built my faith, and if it wasn’t for my family and close friends I wouldn’t know God. I am looking forward to the future, believing that God has got really great things in store for me.

In January 2009 I decided to get baptised. Soon after that Joanna came to me with the news she was getting baptised. I replied, “Wow! So am I”. It’s really nice to be getting baptised with someone so close to me.

I am being baptised to day to show that I want to follow God for the rest of my life and to take being a Christian more seriously and thank God for dying for me. 

Baptism - April 2009

Matthew Abbott's Story...

For those that don’t know me, my name is Matthew Abbott. I am 12 and attend Northgate High School. I am in Year 7, which is the first year of High School.

I have been brought up in a Christian family and have attended church all of my life. My parents are members here at Burlington, as well as my older brother Johnny. My sister Bethany attends Rushmere Christian Fellowship.

I enjoy playing rugby and playing musical instruments. I can play the violin, drums, dijareedoo and bass guitar.

Although I have always sort of believed in God, I wasn’t a Christian. I don’t know why not; I just didn’t have that sort of personal friendship with Him. I knew all about God and who He was sort of thing, but that was as far as it went.

When I was in Year 5 or 6 at school I started going to the 8-11 event on a Thursday night which was held at the Barrington’s. One week Heather Barrington asked us all a question of whether we had asked God about being a Christian.

I thought I had, but I wasn’t sure. I kept thinking about what she had said for a while.
Then a little while later, while at a Christian camp at Keswick, I sat in a room alone still thinking about what Heather had said and asked my dad to come into the room. He prayed with me and I told God that I wanted to become a Christian.

From that moment on, I realised that I was a Christian and my faith was more real. I started praying a lot more and spent more time reading the Bible.

Then when I went to High School, things became a bit harder for a while. I found it a very hard environment to be a Christian. I was bullied and found life hard at times. But I found strength in God. I was able to find some friends at school who attended a Sizewell Camp with me. Since then I have found it a lot easier at school. Although I still have some problems my faith in God helps me.
I enjoy being a member of Burlington, and I feel very much part of the family here. I enjoy worshipping here and I attend the Emerge group on a Wednesday.

I want to use some of my talents of playing instruments for God, which I have started to do by taking part in the Youth Band here, and I also played at the last Gathering.

I used to think that I saw God through a window with the blinds closed. I knew He was there, but couldn’t really see Him. Over time, the blinds gradually opened and I began to see and understand Him more. Now the blinds are fully opened and I can see Him clearly and want Him to be part of my life.

I know some of you are not Christians, but my advice is to just pray and it might change your life for ever.
I also want to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who helped me in the past, including the Bricknell’s, the French’s and the Barrington’s.


Baptism - January 2009

Jenny Layton's Story...

I was born here in Ipswich, but spent most of my childhood overseas in the U.S. where we had to move around quite a lot! Because my step father was in the Air Force, we also spent some time in Germany. Then in 1993 we moved back here to the U.K.

It wasn’t an easy time for us as a family, though I know mum did the best she could for us.
My family didn’t go the church or practise faith in any way, although when my brother and I were younger we went to Sunday School.

Whilst we were in the States, and then when I was around 13 or 14, I went to a youth club at The Triangle Church which I really did enjoy. I liked being around Christian people. I felt safe and really cared for. As a teenage I had my faults like most at that age.

Then at 18 I met Michael, my husband. Shortly after we were married. Now I have four wonderful children that I adore! Our marriage hasn’t been easy. It’s had some really difficult times, especially three years ago when it reached an all time low. I was almost at breaking point.

However, in the midst of it all Claire and Noel invited me to their old church which was the Orwell Centre. I did like it there. We went for a short while until I had to go back to work. I had to work weekends as I thought it would be better with the children. Then one day, when things hadn’t really got any better and I didn’t know where I was heading, they invited me over to their house with their pastor there, Harold. At that time I prayed the prayer that I wanted to live my life by Jesus and ask forgiveness for not including Him in my life before.

From then on my hunger and interest has grown and grown. Sally Soon encouraged me to go to Tiddlywinks and Toy Library, and eventually I agreed to go! Sally’s always been an inspiration to me, so I listen to her.

Tiddlywinks is where I first met Julie, who after a while invited me to join a group together with Amanda and Charraine which was called Christianity Explored. At this point I had already become a Christian, but I was really keen to find out more about the faith.

However, at the same time I was still working weekends, which meant I’d rarely get to go to church, and I relied on a friend to bring me a CD to listen to so I could still follow what was happening. I took part in a Start course with Siobhan & Naomi. Then I did the Discipleship Course with Linda Pepper, Amanda and Tina.

At this point I didn’t really feel ready to make any commitment to the church. I’ve been patient in my journey so far, just wanting to be 100% sure of myself. I now belong to The Lydia Group on Tuesday mornings with Kathryn and some other amazing ladies. This has helped me continue to grow and to learn more and more about Jesus.

Then in July last year, after a lot of praying and deep consideration, I decided to drop the weekend working.
I knew it would cause a big loss in my income, but I was desperate to be at home with the children, and also wanted to be able to come to church regularly to be more obedient to God.

I now know the direction my life is taking. I’m following Jesus. I feel so protected and loved by Him. My whole outlook on life has been put into perspective. I know whatever the storms and low points, He’s always going to be there!

Getting baptised today has been a huge step for me, not least because of my fear of water, but this has made me determined to show you all the difference Jesus has made in my life, and I want to obey His invitation to be baptised today.

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