Prayer Room

Thursday 17th May to Sunday 20th May 2018.

Sign up for YOUR 1 hour with God at Church here

What's a Prayer Room?

You are invited to sign up for an hour to spend in our Prayer Room. The top floor of our church centre will be turned into a holy space filled with activities, resources and opportunities to focus your time of prayer. There will be music available, an art area and many things set up to fill your hour with varied prayer. Many of the activities will be accessible for non christians, children, as well as those more mature in their faith. 

There is an opportunity for you to sign up and be in the prayer space on your own, or you could come as a prayer group, small group, missional community or families or friends. 

We will pray non stop through the night too so if you are able do come and pray in one of those slots. A member of our team will be sleeping in the building for security purposes.

Come on a Prayer Adventure!

Our prayer room falls in the Archbishop of Canturbury’s call for a week of prayer. Thy Kingdom Come. We will be joining thousands across our nation and the world in praying this week. For more information about this initiative as well as loads of practical ways to pray.

We have always been blown away by how tangible God’s presence has been in our times of prayer in the prayer room. Many God inspired things have begun by us taking time to really tune into God’s voice. Another encouraging webpage containing stories of transformation through prayer rooms can be found here


To sign up for your slot please go to 

Each slot is for exclusive use. You are not able to just turn up and pray as this would interrupt another persons time of prayer.

Let’s go on a prayer adventure together, trusting that we have a God where all things are possible.