Prayer points for October - November 2011

BBC step focus – “On the Step – getting to know Christians” 

Give great thanks for:

- the young people baptised in September
- “The New Testament Story” with all its challenges!.
- those taking up the challenge further education.
- pouring of the Talitha Koum foundations

“Launch the Lifeboats”

- openness & expectancy to hear God speak to us
- willingness to think & act differently for the gospel’s sake
- all who will work so hard on the day (catering, running children's & youth events or leading)

Junior Church

- the children - that they'd become "God-smart" - knowing His word and who He is; AND that they'd become "God-connected" - knowing Him as a friend,learning to hear His voice and follow Him.
- the leaders to be filled with the Holy Spirit, wisdom and creativity every week


- God's blessing as this group grow in their knowledge of Him
- blessing to extend to families and draw them all closer to God
- the leaders to know God's leading in preparations

Romania Mission Trip

- God’s provision of all required resources prior to this trip
- Sense of partnership in the gospel with our Romanian fellow Christians
- God to change English and Romanian young people’s lives through this experience

Ipswich Items:

- Changing nightlife scene - and the possibility of a Night Shelter this winter
- Elderly people’s uncertainty over care home provision

Wider World:

- ‘Biblefresh’ – celebrating the book of Life in 2011
- Libya – as it seeks to rebuild the nation
- Yemen and Syria – as their turmoil continues