Prayer points for December 2011

BBC step focus – “Step out – into Ministry


Give great thanks for:

- Launch the Lifeboats in October and the signs that some are “on the move”
- Night shelter challenge – let us pray this really shows God’s love in action
- Romania trip – for all the maturing that took place as well as the help that was given to Project Ruth

Advent and Christmas

-          give thanks for this special time of remembering Jesus’ first coming. Pray that we will communicate the Gospel message effectively ahead of His second coming.

Property Maintenance

-          give thanks for all the building provision that we have
-          ask for guidance in how to use our premises wisely and in prioritising repair and maintenance tasks
-          thank God for all who voluntarily support this area of Church life - ask for others to consider joining the team.

Trustees and Officers

-          Much wisdom is needed to avoid administration becoming the sole focus
-          Key decisions such as role of a potential third worker 

Ipswich Items:

- Those unemployed or worried about their job situation in the run up to Christmas

- CYM – pray for ongoing impact from recent activities e.g. November Sizewell Weekend

- Christian Unions in Suffolk New College and UCS – may they be inspired to share their faith, especially at Christmas. 

Wider World:

- ‘Biblefresh’ – celebrating the book of Life in 2011
- Greece and Italy – as their economic crisis continues
- Yemen and Syria – as their political turmoil continues
- Egypt and Congo – after recent elections