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Last Meal, Final Words

The Three "R's" of Real Life Relationship, Revelation, Resurrection
(Readings: John 17:1-9, John 17:20-26)
Revd Simon Harris 08 Apr 2007
Joy What gives you joy?
(Reading: John 16:16-33)
Revd Claire Earl 01 Apr 2007
Joy The world's troubles will come to an end.
The joy of heaven will go on forever.
(Reading: John 16:16-33)
Revd Simon Harris 01 Apr 2007
Endurance Endurance
(Readings: John 15:18-27, John 16:1-4)
Revd Simon Harris 25 Mar 2007
Fruitfulness God has ...
CHOSEN US for things that last for ever
APPOINTED US for lasting significance
(Reading: John 15:1-17)
Revd Simon Harris 18 Mar 2007
Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is good, necessary and for everyone!
(Reading: John 14:12-31)
Revd Simon Harris 11 Mar 2007
Assurance Assured by Jesus
(Reading: John 14:1-14)
Revd Simon Harris 04 Mar 2007
Salvation Salvation
(Reading: John 13:1-17)
Revd Simon Harris 25 Feb 2007