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Jesus No Filter

[Jesus#NoFilter] Divorce and Remarriage What has the Bible got to say about Divorce and Remarriage?
(Reading: Mark 10:2-12)
Simon Harris 15 Jul 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] The Resurrection The Resurrection
(Reading: Mark 16:1-8)
Simon Harris 24 Jun 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Jesus No Filter 15 What is the Cross to you?
(Reading: Mark 15:16-32)
Simon Harris 17 Jun 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Jesus No Filter 14 Extravagant Devotion
(Reading: Mark 14:1-11, 32-42)
Simon Harris 10 Jun 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Waiting and waiting and waiting Wait expectantly, eagerly, in hope, patiently, obediently, whole-heartedly
(Reading: Mark 13:28-37)
Alan Cutting 03 Jun 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 12 Our Responsibilities, Our Relationships, Our Response
(Reading: Mark 12: 1-9)
Jane Hewson 27 May 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 11 Something momentus was starting, something was being destroyed, something NEW was being created
(Reading: Mark 11:12-24)
Simon Harris 20 May 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 10 Jesus had time for children and beggars. Wrong dependence. What are we dependent on?
(Reading: Mark 10: 13-16, 46-52)
Simon Harris 13 May 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mountain and Valley Mountain and Valley - all in one day.
2 parallel railway tracks running together.
We can be from one to another throughout the day
(Reading: Mark 9:2-29)
Matthew Holmes 06 May 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 8 Faith
(Reading: Mark 8:12-25)
Simon Harris 29 Apr 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 7 If your heart is right you don't need a rule.
(Readings: Mark 7:1-8, Mark 7:31-35)
Simon Harris 22 Apr 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 6 Trust in God's provision; spend time in prayer to discover what he wants us to do; and remember struggling builds our strength!
(Reading: Mark 6:1-12)
Sarah Richardson 15 Apr 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 5 When sin came in - we disobeyed God. Everything changed with sin. However he does still heal today.
(Reading: Mark 5:21-43)
Claire Earl 08 Apr 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Easter Jesus says "Take heart I have overcome the world."
(Reading: Colossians 1)
Simon Harris 01 Apr 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 4 Every parable is effectively an invitation to come on in and be a part of it, discover the secrets of the Kingdom.
Open your ears to listen! The responsibility is OURS!
(Reading: Mark 4:1-13)
Simon Harris 25 Mar 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 3 Those who got it: the disciples.
Those who didn't get it`; the crowds `(including teachers of the law).
(Reading: Mark 3:7-19)
Claire Earl 18 Mar 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 2 Forgiveness and reconciliation with God is what is needed.
Salvation is free. Jesus paid the price. We only need to accept him as our Saviour!
(Reading: Mark 2:1-17)
Simon Harris 11 Mar 2018
[Jesus#NoFilter] Mark Chapter 1 Am I Good News?
(Reading: Mark 1:1-21)
Simon Harris 04 Mar 2018