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The Disciples Toolkit

[TheDisciplesToolkit]The Disciples's Prayer Praying for others
(Reading: Luke 10:1-12)
Simon Harris 16 Jul 2017
[TheDisciplesToolkit]The Disciples's Meal Hospitality & Communion
(Reading: Luke 24:13-39)
Simon Harris 09 Jul 2017
[TheDisciplesToolkit]The Disciples's Balance Connect with God, others with us, and those we are reaching
(Reading: Luke 6:12-22)
Sarah Richardson 02 Jul 2017
[TheDisciplesToolkit]The Disciple's Learning Build community and offer challenge (Matthew 16:13-28) Apprenticeship in the Christian life
(Reading: Mark 9:17-32)
Simon Harris 25 Jun 2017
[TheDisciplesToolkit]The Disciples's Listening Listening and doing
(Reading: Luke 6:43-49)
Simon Harris 11 Jun 2017