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The Breakthrough Joseph's position suddenly changed, from prison to power
(Reading: Genesis 41:39-57)
Simon Harris 20 Nov 2016
The Truth Joseph had the courage to tell the truth to Pharaoh
(Reading: Genesis 41:14-40)
Simon Harris 13 Nov 2016
Waiting for God and God's plan for us Joseph is in prison, waiting to return to his everyday life - but God has a much bigger plan! (Church United service at St.Matthews)
(Reading: Genesis 41:1-14)
Simon Harris 07 Nov 2016
It's Not Fair Joseph is dumped into the King's prison, but is it fair?
(Reading: Genesis 39:20-40:23)
Simon Harris 30 Oct 2016
The Choice Joseph had a history of faith to guide his moral decisions
(Reading: Genesis 39)
Sally Sago 23 Oct 2016
The Pit The story of Joseph in the pit suggests encouragement for the crisis of faith when God seems hidden
(Readings: Psalm 22:1-11, Psalm 23)
Simon Harris 09 Oct 2016
The Brothers Joseph's brothers built up bitterness until it lead to murder
(Reading: Genesis 37:17-36)
Simon Harris 02 Oct 2016
The Father Jacob was a distant father to Joseph - God encourages us to be more engaged with those we are fathers to
(Reading: Genesis 37:12-19)
Simon Harris 18 Sep 2016
The Dream At 17, Joseph had a dream, which hugely annoyed his brothers, but foretold his future
(Reading: Genesis 37:2-11)
Simon Harris 11 Sep 2016
A Terrible Start Despite a troubled soap-opera of a background, God called Joseph to be a great influencer
(Readings: Genesis 30:1-13, Genesis 30:22-24)
Simon Harris 05 Sep 2016