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Forgotten Sayings

Overflow of the Heart Good fruit comes from the heart, not from striving to do good
(Readings: Luke 6:37-45, Jeremiah 17:5-8)
Simon Harris and Matt Holmes 17 Apr 2016
Cut it Off You could try cutting off you hand to stop sin, but what you really need is a perfect saviour
(Reading: Mark 8:42-50)
Simon Harris 10 Apr 2016
I'll be Back Jesus has gone ahead to prepare for us, and he will be back.
(Reading: John 14:1-14)
Simon Harris 27 Mar 2016
Blessed are the persecuted Jesus saw persecution as an inevitable part of following Him, but persecution has unexpected blessing.
(Reading: John 15:18-16:11)
Simon Harris 13 Mar 2016
Don't Worry Jesus invites us to lay our worries down and trust in a loving God
(Reading: Matthew 6:25-34)
Simon Harris 06 Mar 2016
Just between the two of you Jesus describes a clear and effective strategy for resolving conflict
(Reading: Matthew 18:1-19)
Simon Harris 21 Feb 2016