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Daniel Fast 2016

[Daniel Fast 2017] United Service to end the Daniel Fast Together Simon and Harold give us their thoughts on the Daniel Fast 2017 Simon Harris and Pastor Harold 29 Jan 2017
[Daniel Fast 2017] Daniel Fast 3 2017 Simon Harris 22 Jan 2017
[Daniel Fast 2017] We Are One Pastor Harold Afflu 15 Jan 2017
[Daniel Fast 2017] Daniel Fast 1 2017 Claire launches the Daniel Fast for 2017 before Simon tells us more about why we fast Claire Earl & Simon Harris 08 Jan 2017
His Miracles God anointed Jesus and sent Him to perform miracles
(Reading: Mark 2:1-13)
Harold Afflu 24 Jan 2016
His Majesty It is a paradox of Jesus that he was fully a man, and also fully God in all his majesty
(Reading: Mark 2:1-12)
Simon Harris 10 Jan 2016