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Walking with Lions

The powers behind the powers Alongside earthly struggles there is a spiritual battle, which Daniel fought with fasting and prayer
(Reading: Daniel 10:7-21)
Simon Harris 13 Dec 2015
Unshaken History rages, but our God reigns, and we are rescued!
(Reading: Daniel 7: 8-28)
Simon Harris and Sally Sago 06 Dec 2015
Etch A Sketch When Belshazzar ignored the lessons of his faher, the writing was on the wall
(Readings: Daniel 5: 1-5, Daniel 5: 13-31)
Simon Harris and Sarah Richardson 22 Nov 2015
Madness God tried for years to get Nebuchadnezzar's attention. Eventually it took madness to get the message across.
(Reading: Daniel 4:24-37)
Simon Harris 09 Nov 2015
Turning up the heat Shadrach Meshach and Abednego teach us to have the faith to do what's right, not what's reasonable.
(Reading: Daniel 3: 8-30)
Simon Harris 25 Oct 2015
There goes another one Anyone who bases their identity on something transient is doomed to fall like the Babylonian Empire
(Reading: Daniel 2:1-23)
Simon Harris 19 Oct 2015
The King's Table Daniel was offered food from he king's table, but he knew everything is provided by the real King of Heaven and Earth
(Reading: Matthew 14:13-21)
Simon Harris and Sally Sago 04 Oct 2015
What, here? God placed Daniel at the heart of the Babylonian empire, not to hide, but to engage and challenge.
(Reading: Daniel 1)
Simon Harris 27 Sep 2015
Daniel Fasted Before Daniel faced his toughest challenge, he prayed and fasted
(Reading: Daniel 10)
Claire Earl 20 Sep 2015