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Faith that Works

Can't I just pray quietly by myself James reminds us that with patience and prayer, God will supply our needs
(Reading: James 5:7-20)
Claire Earl 06 Apr 2014
Do you want to be rich? If you knew that time is short, would you change your perspective?
(Reading: James 5:1-6)
Simon Harris 30 Mar 2014
Who's calling the shots? How do you respond when you don't get what you want?
(Reading: James 4:1-17)
Simon Harris 23 Mar 2014
From Heaven or Earth Are your attitudes and actions based on earthly or heavenly wisdom?
(Reading: James 3:13-18)
Simon Harris 16 Mar 2014
Free Speech is my right, isn't it? There is no such thing as "just words" - what reality do your words create?
(Reading: James 3:1-12)
Simon Harris 09 Mar 2014
Do you believe as much as the Devil Faith and works are two aspects of one truth. True faith is always accompanied by action.
(Reading: james 2:14-26)
Simon Harris 02 Mar 2014
Who are my favourites? God does not have favourites, so neither should we
(Readings: James 2:1-13, Proverbs 14:31)
Simon Harris 24 Feb 2014
Do I have to Do it? It's not enough to just listen, you have to act.
(Reading: James 1:19-27)
Simon Harris 09 Feb 2014
How Much Longer James asks us to embrace trials and flee from temptation to make us more like Jesus
(Readings: James 1:2-18, James 5:7-12)
Simon Harris 27 Jan 2014
Where is my Allegiance James surrendered his life to Jesus - who are you giving your life to?
(Reading: James 1:1-7)
Simon Harris 19 Jan 2014