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The Wonder

The Wonder of it all The Wonder of Christmas is that it is for all people, any time, any place
(Reading: Luke 4:31-44)
Simon Harris 29 Dec 2013
The Wonder of When God's gift came to us exactly when we needed it
(Reading: Matthew 2:1-12)
Simon Harris 25 Dec 2013
The Wonder of How It's amazing that God gave his son, not just to live, but to die. Simon Harris 22 Dec 2013
The Wonder of Where The place of Jesus' birth shows that image and wealth are less important than simply listening and obeying God
(Readings: Luke 2: 1-21, Matthew 2: 1-12)
Simon Harris 22 Dec 2013
The Wonder of Who The all-powerful living God in a frail human body. Christmas is about Who Jesus is.
(Readings: Philippians 2:1-11, Isaiah 40)
Simon Harris 17 Dec 2013