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The Cross

Witnessing The cross made such a difference, it's our job to witness Simon Harris 31 Mar 2013
Wondering Key parts of the New Testament try to explain the cross by analogy and metaphor
(Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:18 - 2:15)
Simon Harris 24 Mar 2013
Walking in the shadow of the Cross Self denial and sacrificial service are at the heart of following Christ
(Reading: Luke 9:18-27)
Simon Barrington 17 Mar 2013
Watching Crucifixion was a terrible death, but for Christians it is important to understand
(Reading: Matthew 27:27-56)
Simon Harris 10 Mar 2013
Waiting Even in the earliest books of the Old Testament, The Cross is on God's mind
(Reading: Isaiah 52:1-12)
Simon Harris 03 Mar 2013