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Launch the Lifeboats

Launch The Lifeboats - Missional Communities An introduction to the idea of missional communities with examples and a call to action Simon Harris and Friends 04 Oct 2011
Launch the Lifeboats - The Missing Gathering The bible describes different sizes and purposes of gathering. How does what we do compare? SImon Harris and Claire Earl 04 Oct 2011
Launch the Lifeboats - Taking our cue from Jesus Jesus worked in a very different way to what we call church Simon Harris, Katie Faux and Chris Sheldrake 03 Oct 2011
Launch the Lifeboats - an honest look An honest look at how Burlington does things now, and how well (or not) it seems to be working Simon Harris and Julie Kite 02 Oct 2011
Launch the Lifeboats - introduction A story read by Len Pearson and an initial prayer by Claire Earl to introduce the "Launch the Lifeboats" church conference Len Pearson and Claire Earl 02 Oct 2011