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The Story

The book of James The book of James speaks to the early church of
confidence,compassion,control and contrition
(Reading: James)
Linda Pepper 27 Nov 2011
The Long Haul Peter writes to encourage a church facing persecution and no sign of the return of Jesus
(Reading: 1 Peter 1:1-9)
Simon Harris 20 Nov 2011
A Lasting Legacy Christianity carries a different world view and builds a legacy through mission
(Reading: 2 Timothy 2)
Oti Bunaciu 13 Nov 2011
Missionary Journeys 2 After his initial journeys, Paul revisited some of his original churches, then improved his approach - to such great effect that Christianity spread across the whole Roman world
(Reading: Acts 19:1-12)
Simon Harris 06 Nov 2011
Missionary Journeys Barnabas sought out Saul, to pass on his knowledge, skills and faith. Paul learned from Barnabas, and in turn passed on that learning to many others
(Readings: Acts 11:19-30, Acts 13:1-3)
Simon Harris 30 Oct 2011
Think bigger, much bigger As Peter steps out in faith, he discovers that the Gospel is not just for the Jews it is also for the Gentiles - all mankind
(Reading: Acts 6 - 12)
Nigel Head 23 Oct 2011
Jesus - Resurrection and new beginnings The resurrection brought new beginnings in peace, joy, purpose and power
(Reading: John 20:19-23)
Jim Hamilton 16 Oct 2011
Jesus - Final Days, Final Words, Final Acts The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross was his greatest glory, but what does that mean for those who follow him?
(Reading: John 12:20-33)
Simon Harris 09 Oct 2011
The year of opposition Jesus faced opposition from many directions during his ministry
(Reading: John 7)
Mike Simmonds 25 Sep 2011
The Jesus Adventure At the height of his ministry, Jesus was compelling, attractive and a miracle worker. He called disciples to join his adventure
(Readings: Luke 8:22-25, Mark 7:31-37, Matthew 8:5-17)
Claire Earl 18 Sep 2011
The year of inauguration Jesus' early life may have been obscure, but after meeting John the Baptist, He started transition, temptation, and training
(Reading: Mark 1:1-20)
Simon Harris 11 Sep 2011
The coming of Jesus Jesus was passionate for the lost, for service, and for eating and drinking. We are the Jesus movement, and we should be like Him.
(Reading: Luke 19:1-10)
Simon Harris 04 Sep 2011
The Bible in Four Words The Bible can be summed up in four, carefully chosen, words Simon Harris 28 Aug 2011
Becoming Like Jesus God's people in the old testament had trouble sticking with God's way of life. Jesus provides an example of how to live
(Reading: 1 Peter 4)
Mary Sagar 07 Aug 2011
Silence and Promises Was God silent between the old and new testaments and if so, why?
(Readings: Is 9:1-7, Luke 4 :14-21)
David Thompson 31 Jul 2011
Malachi Malachi wrote at a time when the people had lost sight of God. Have you?
(Reading: Malachi 1)
Pauline Bailey 24 Jul 2011
The Rebuilding Passion, prayer, a plan, and people were what it took to rebuild Jerusalem. Do you want to be Useful?
(Reading: Nehemiah 1)
Simon Harris 17 Jul 2011
The Return The Jews in exile prayed for a return to Jerusalem, but when it came it was not easy
(Reading: Ezra 1)
Simon Harris 10 Jul 2011
For such a time as this God gave Esther an opportunity to save her people, if only she would take the risk Simon Harris 03 Jul 2011
Living in Exile Daniel and his friends were taken from their comfort zone, to a place where God could have seemed small, but they kept their faith, said "yes" to God's work in their situation, and "no" to outside forces.
(Reading: Daniel 1)
Simon Harris 26 Jun 2011
The Struggle of Suffering A world filled with suffering can be hard to understand. Job helps put it into God's context
(Reading: Job 37:14-38:11)
Simon Harris 12 Jun 2011
The Fall of Judah Killing is hard to understand, and mass killing even more so. How is it that a loving God can sanction mass killing in the Old Testament?
(Reading: 2 Chronicles 36:11-21)
Simon Harris 05 Jun 2011
Israel into Exile Israel's northern tribes, got into trouble with the "sins of Jeroboam". What God's prophets tried to tell the people also has a message for us.
(Reading: 2 Kings 17:1-15)
Nick Lear 29 May 2011
Two Prophets The life and work of Elijah and Elisha shows a model of serving God and the importance of passing on what you learn
(Reading: 1 Kings 19:9-25)
Simon Harris 22 May 2011
The Split Splitting into two kingdoms was bad news for the people of Israel
(Reading: 1 Kings 12:25-33)
Simon Harris 15 May 2011
Song of Songs - True Love Every bookshop has plenty of self-help books about marriage. The Song of Songs is a book about love and marriage written by God's wisest king - Solomon.
(Reading: Song of songs 1)
Simon Harris 08 May 2011
Jonah - getting past the whale Many people think they know the story of Jonah, but it's important to read the whole story, and not get stuck at a man swallowed by a fish
(Reading: Jonah 1:1-17)
David Willson 01 May 2011
Ecclesiastes - All meaningless except ... Despite starting and ending with the statement that everything is meaningless, Ecclesiastes has a deeper message
(Reading: Ecc 1)
Claire Earl 17 Apr 2011
Solomon - on top of the world Behind the wisdom, wealth, power and signs of God's blessing in the life of Solomon is another story about pride and disobedience
(Reading: 1 Kings 1:12)
Simon Harris 10 Apr 2011
David - winning away, losing at home God blessed David and promised that his Kingdom would never end. But, despite military triumphs and an appearance of success, his personal and family life was a sin-fuelled disaster
(Reading: 2 Sam 7:18-29)
Simon Harris 27 Mar 2011
David - young boy to great king God wants people who are both a worshipper and a warrior, who have both a relationship with God, and a responsibility for his kingdom on Earth
(Readings: 1 Sam 17:25-32, 1 Sam 17:40-51)
Simon Harris 20 Mar 2011
Saul - Israel's first king The story of Saul shows that even a man with a great family, impressive looks and the best job in the land is nothing without God
(Reading: Matt 13:44-46)
Simon Harris 13 Mar 2011
Samuel - the Word of the Lord Set aside as a Nazarite from birth, Samuel was the first of the prophets to represent God's word to his people
(Reading: 1 Samuel 2: 1-11)
Simon Harris 06 Mar 2011
Ruth - the secret of blessing The Book of Ruth helped to reassure the Israelites of God's blessing and steer them away from the cycle of sin and punsihment
(Reading: Ruth 3:13-22)
Simon Harris 27 Feb 2011
History repeats itself The book of Judges is full of strange heroes and happenings but at its heart is a cycle of sin which teaches about how to deal with our own temptations.
(Reading: Judges 2:6-19)
Claire Earl 20 Feb 2011
Into the Promise The Bible is bursting with God's promises but it can be hard to know how to claim them. Joshua shows how the Israelites did it.
(Reading: Josh 1:1-9)
Simon Harris 13 Feb 2011
Lessons of the Desert When we find ourselves in a "desert place", do we react like the Israelites, or do we trust God?
(Reading: Num 13:17-33)
Simon Harris 06 Feb 2011
A new way of living The second part of Exodus and the book of Leviticus introduce a new way to live which breaks completely away from the old life in Egypt
(Reading: Ex 18:1-10)
Simon Harris 30 Jan 2011
The Deliverance The story of the Exodus shows God's defeat of the world's powers, but the Israelite response to freedom has a lesson for us all
(Reading: Ex 3:1-10)
Simon Harris 23 Jan 2011
Joseph - The Kingdom Joseph seemed an unlikely choice to grow God's kingdom, but he became one of the most powerful men in the world
(Reading: Gen 37-Gen 50)
Simon Harris 16 Jan 2011
Abraham - The Covenant Abraham listens to the living God and joins in a covenant of complete belief and trust
(Reading: Gen 12-Gen 36)
Simon Harris 09 Jan 2011
Life as we know it The awesome sweep of God's plan is apparent in the beginning of the bible
(Reading: Gen 1-Gen 11)
Simon Harris 02 Jan 2011
The Word is Light Surrounded by messages, we constantly make choices in the dark. We need the light of God's Word Simon Harris 19 Dec 2010
The Word must be lived Reading, and even understanding, the bible is not enough. Even though many things get in the way it is vital to live the Word.

The video mentioned can be seen on youtube at
(Readings: John 1:14-18, James 1:19-25)
Claire Earl 12 Dec 2010
The Word must be heard It's easy to fall into traps while reading the bible, and fail to hear God's personal word to you. This talk describes practical, powerful ways to get the best from daily bible reading
(Reading: Psalm 119:33-48)
Simon Harris 05 Dec 2010
The Word brings Life The written word of the Bible always points to the Living Word of Jesus. We need to look, listen and live God's word every day
(Reading: John 1:1-14)
Simon Harris 28 Nov 2010