Parking at Burlington

Church car parking spaces

There are parking spaces at the front of the Church and the new Church Centre (including a space reserved for disabled drivers, next to the door of the Church Centre). In addition there are several other places nearby you can park, listed below, so please make sure you arrive early to ensure you get a space.

Details of how to find Burlington Baptist Church are here

Disabled access

For those who are disabled, or who are unable to walk long distances, there are spaces available at the front of the Church Centre and Church building. Please only use these if you are unable to walk so they can be kept for those who need them.

Other car parking spaces

In addition there are spaces in the accountants car park next to the Church on London Road (Sundays only), and also in our small car park on London Road to the left of the accountants, in front of our Church Halls.  There are also a few car parking spaces available in the drive to the left hand side of our Church Halls, but this does mean blocking one another in.  

Car parks nearby

  1. South Street (near Anne Street)  - approx 3 min walk to Church - it is free on Sundays. 
  2. Car park near Halfords, the Range etc - approx 10 min walk to Church
  3. NCP car park, Hanford Road - approx 8 min walk to Church - not a free car park
  4. Civic Drive spiral car park - approx 8 min walk to Church - not a free car park
The enclosed map will show you where these are: