Music and Worship Resources

This page contains details of organisations, publications and recordings which we have found helpful at Burlington. Visitors might find them interesting and perhaps useful too.

Who we're working with

Richard Hubbard (Cantus Firmus Trust) - Richard has worked with our orchestra on a number of occasions, provided lots of useful input and several large and exciting pieces of percussion as well. 

London School of Theology - Home to the Theology, Music and Worship degree course and a range of excellent evening and day courses and summer schools - in conjunction with the music and worship foundation.

Music resources we're finding helpful

Music Resources Websites

Worship Matters - Bob Kauflin's Blog is a truly excellent resource. Well worth consulting regularly or subscribing to via RSS or email.

Worship Central - a range of great Saturday workshops in London from Tim Hughes and others with a very useful Podcast

Getty Music - Keith Getty is an Irish composer and arranger whose hymns and songs (often written with Stuart Townend) are very well known - In Christ Alone is probably the most famous example. This website has links to all his albums - many of which feature his fantastic orchestral arrangements. You can also purchase sheet music for the songs and the arrangements themselves should you have access to a tame Symphony Orchestra.

Jubilate Group - a useful website which contains search facilities for more than 1500 hymn and song texts and more than 800 tunes, descants and arrangements - all from Jubilate authors such as Michael Perry, Michael Saward, David Peacock, Noel Tredinnick and tens of others. For a small fee you can download words and music in Sibelius format.

If you want a website which is full of resources that exalt Jesus Christ and just inspire you to worship Him in both song, and in the way you live your life you could not spossibly do better than the Desiring God website.  There are many good talks on Worship on the site.  You can find quite a few of them here.  Sample a few at random, or try Ambushing Satan with Song, or Gravity and Gladness on a Sunday morning.  

What we're listening to


What we're reading

Worship Matters (note the intentional pun) is a great book (and website) from Bob Kauflin who talks a huge amount of sense about music, words and the heart of a musician and worship leader. Bob was a speaker last year at the John Piper Desiring God conference: The Power of Words and the Wonder of God where he spoke eloquently on what happens when we sing.  Well worth viewing/listening to.