Music and Worship



At Burlington we are committed to using a variety of musical styles in our worship. Andrew Maries puts it well: “Our God is too small if He is only able to speak through one kind of art form stamped with the orthodox seal of approval.”

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Music for Worship Principles

In practical terms we try to make sure that our music:

  • is accessible to the majority of our members - inclusive
  • is approachable for the un-churched - especially in the morning
  • involves and develops as many people’s gifts as possible
  • is of a high quality, without exclusiveness, because we want to give God our best and not have music being a stumbling block to worship
  • involves all ages and abilities because the church is a family

Sunday morning worship is normally led by our worship group.

On special occasions like Christmas, the Burlington Family Orchestra turn the whole event into a amazing Celebration!

Worship Group

The Worship Group forms the core of Music at Burlington and leads the music for most morning services. As well as the normal line up of vocalists, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, drums and bass we also feature Sax (all four varieties), Flute, Oboe and Cello at various times.

We rehearse from 9am to 10am every Sunday morning.