Missional Communities

A missional community is an extended family of relationships on mission together. It’s a shared-life community that connects with God, is intentional about its discipleship and shares in a common mission. In this new season Burlington is seeking to launch many missional communities. Having emphasised our gathered life we are now seeking to balance that with a much greater emphasis on being dispersed. Our attractional mission is becoming incarnational too.

For more on missional communities, have a look at the Launch the Lifeboats and the On Rescue pages.

A Mini Series on the Missional Church is here called Live It!

The following missional communities are up and running at Burlington.

A Time to Sew

It was fantastic to launch another missional community on the 29th April 2012: A Time to Sew. This new worshiping (Up) and discipling (In) community will reach out (Out) through a weekly sewing cafe with training and help on hand. It will be led by Elizabeth Gosden.

We agreed to pray

for the team as they work together and share their lives
for each person who attends the cafe
that they will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and not miss an opportunity to share their love of Jesus.

Leader: Elizabeth Gosden

The Hive

It was fantastic on 20th May 2012 to launch a new missional community called The Hive. Led by Heather Barrington, this new community will reach out to families through having fun together and sharing an extended family meal.

We agreed to pray

that they hear clearly from God and follow His leading
for blessing on their people of peace
that they’d grow closer to one another as they pray, plan and laugh together

Leader: Heather Barrington

Amazing Mums

Amazing Mums is a new missional community supporting single parents – some share their parenting, others are sole parents. As a wider church we celebrated with them as they launched yesterday and stood with them in prayer.

Led by Sally Soon (pictured right below), we agreed to support and pray for this amazing group that are learning to live together like an extended family.

We will pray:

that they will continue to grow as a family on mission
for more people to join their practical help list and their instant prayer group
that they will build and develop relationships with their “People of Peace.’

Leader: Sally Soon

Nerf Night

We are so excited about this! Led by 4 older teenagers, Sam, Matt, Joshua and Nathan, who are beginning to disciple a group of younger boys and help them to reach out to their friends. A monthly Nerf-night brings all their friends together for an action-packed evening of ‘Catch the Flag’ and so much more.

It was great to hear them talk of all that they had already seen God do, and their passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

Launching The Nerf Gunners as a missional community in front of a packed church on 13th October 2012, we’ve promised to support and pray for these new families on mission.

Leaders: Sam, Matt, Joshua and Nathan





It was fantastic to launch a missional community on Sunday 30th June 2013. Impact is building extended family with young people in Ipswich that have faced challenges within their own families. It was incredibly moving to hear young people share the way that Impact had become their family, and the difference that Jesus was now making in their lives. It is an unbelievable privilege to see God at work in this way.

As a wider church family we pledged our support to stand with them, pray for them and to cheer them on. Cherie Parnell, speaking for Impact, asked us to pray

•for more people to join the journey
•for wisdom as all the relationships grow and develop
•for young people to grow in their relationship with them, and with Jesus
•for the ‘prom’ planned for September

As a wider Burlington family we pledged our prayer and support.