Sundays are all about eternity.

eternity meet on a Sunday morning during the Main Celebration at Burlington Baptist Church.  

What is it?

After being in church for a while, we head up to our old halls for some time with those aged 11-18. After some important refuelling (Hot Chocolate, news sharing), we hit the God Stuff in the form of a teaching time. One of the team will talk about that weeks’ theme for a while and try and open our eyes to what God is saying to us this week.
Then it is eternity groups time. These are small groups who discuss what they have just heard, explore what God is saying and get involved in each others lives. Finally after some praying, it is time to hit the week to live out what we have been learning about.

Whose it for?

Anyone school years 7-13. Everyone is welcome, regulars, friends, family but not your great aunt maud ‘cause she is too old!  

Why do we do this?

God is calling us all to follow him. With him life is different, adventurous, challenging and hugely fulfilling. However, living this kind of life on our own would be rubbish! God calls us to follow him together, to encourage each other and to really live life to the max. We hope that through these Sunday mornings everyone will get to know God better, get to experience him more, and discover what his heart and plans are for us all.