Daily Bible Reading - The Story


Daily Bible Reading - SOAP...how to do it

The Story - Throughout 2011 we looked at the whole Bible. The Advent Series was a time of getting ready for The Story

Reading Plans - For the whole of the year

Daily Feast - This page will be regularly updated with the personal daily devotions of members of our Ministry Team

Talks and Sermons from the Story Series can be found here

Bible Gateway - Various versions of the Bible online 

lifejournal - A link to todays reading 

youversion.com - Bibles, loads of reading plans and an array of smartphone apps. The Bible plan we are following is The Life Journal Reading Plan 


We want to help each one of us learn to hear God speak to us everyday from His word. To do this we are encouraging everyone to follow a daily Bible reading plan and to learn a simple method of journaling that is so effective in helping us hear God speak each day. We will use our Small Groups to support and encourage us in this.

The Bible reading plan has various options depending on your available time and the speed with which you read. Whichever option you choose we will all be sharing the same readings each day.

By learning to journal, you will develop a life skill that will help you hear God speak each time you open your Bible.

All you need is your Bible, the reading plan, a pen and a notebook. It’s that easy.